Greenstock Entertainment

Just good friends, good times and great tunes!

          The Greenstock Beginnings


It all began in 2004 at a place called the Green Road, with tremendous friends of mine Dwayne Rice, Mark Arsenault and many others. We decided that it would be a good idea to have a gathering back at my camp on the Green Road outside Petitcodiac, hence the partial reason it was named Greenstock. 


We'll leave the rest to your imagination. Since there was no stage... no veranda... nothing, we figured 
that we would take the platform on my log truck and use great big cement blocks for the foundation, 
which were donated by Dwayne.


We then started to build the stage around 9 o'clock on a Saturday morning with the help of Phillip Bannister 
and many of my good friends. By 4 o'clock that afternoon we had generators, barbecues, schnitzels and sausages 
on the go. Our drummer, Paul Leger came from up North to play with us. As the night progressed, we had 
approximately 300 or more peopleshow up that evening. I remember looking off the stage as I was playing 
guitar with the boys and seeing my wife Candace and son Charles out there cooking some grub on the barbecues 
with the people. It was at that moment I thought this was the way it should be and I should carry on with it and I
did with the help of Jimmy Green standing on the side in case he was needed (which he was and it was greatly appreciated).


Since I myself do not drink and blew my throat out trying to sing "Turn the Page" at 2 in the morning,

my friends Dwayne and Dale Stiles (the one who taught me how to play guitar when I was 13), 
went on the stage and took over vocals for me along with Greg & Brian Tingley as 
well as Paul Leger. Then, Leo Arsenault and Paul Leger went into singing acapella at 4 
in the morning. The night slowly wound down and since I was not able to sleep, 
I decided to pick things up. A friend, Stephen Ryder started the barbecue and 
we all started singing acapella... it sounded awesome with just our voices! 
Afterwards we finished cleaning the place up and all got packed up. 
By 11:30 Sunday morning it didn't look like anyone had even been there, 
though not much earlier there were over 300 people watching Mike Ritchie 
and his helper Brian Stein put on a spectacular light show on a 30 by 40 foot screen
which made the night's visuals. As the night crept into daylight, Mark Johnson
came to realize as he awoke that there was not a sole in sight. It looked like the 
party had never existed, which gave him that twilight feeling as he jumped into
his pick-up and drove off. Time went on and the party went down in the books 
as "PARTY OF THE YEAR!" and the Grand Prize Door Prize "A 66'er of RUM" 
went to Cheyenne Irving, who is actually one of my managers for THE 2009 GREENSTOCK CONCERTS!


 In the days that followed my wife & I broke up and seperated. 

Tagically about a year later she passed on from this great world. 
I have to admit I was heading down the wrong path for a while, 
where I hid for 2 years until some very good friends came along 
to kick me in the rear and help me get back on track. I figured
that I needed something to do, that's when I got involved with
Scotia Windfield and we passed out about $90,000 in signing
bonuses to the wind farm. Unfortunately, due to government
policies it did not end up going much further than the Leaman Brothers
Bank and Barrett Stern, which were backing wind generation 
and never got bailed out like other banks that dealt with oil. 
Then Dwayne Rice, a friend ( I mentioned Dwayne earlier) 
came along and asked when was I going to have another 
Greenstock because he had posted Greenstock on facebook and people were asking about it.
We thought this would bring me out of my spin and I said "Let's Do It". We proceeded to mill 
the wood into 2x6's and 1x6's for boards and structural 
contents, as well as 8x8 poles for the foundation. 
With the help of people like Jenny Mueller and Amanda O'Blenis on my 4-wheeler skidding 
wood, having friends cut trees off the property and getting them hauled to a portable mill which
was brought up by Ray Jorgason. With the help of my son, Charles, and others. Then my brother Kevin 
came along and jumped in with his crew donating $10,000 worth of his time to help me through this time of 
depression and joy. Then we needed food, so I went to Degenhart's in Petitcodiac, Doug's Meats in Petitcodiac, 
Randy Howatt of Valu Foods as well as Gerald Robison who owns the local liquor store. I also received 
support from Debbie and Kevin Bannister which all helped to put it together. So with the cook shack 
and stage built Greenstock became a reality again in the year 2008. We had a band that was supposed to show 
that didn't. Moe Doiron showed up with his sound system and he also helped build the stage and supplied
sound for a very low price just to help keep it going to which I am tremendously indebted and I tremendously 
thank him for.And a special thanks goes to my best friend Larry Leblanc, I could have never got through the 
hell without you and your support and friendship. Thanks buddy.
So the night progressed, and again my good
friends who had a band together called "Route 905" (including Dwayne Rice, Mark Arsenault, Phil Bannister, 
Brian & Greg Tingley), went on the stage. They got up and they got the crowd going.


 With the full heart & soul of the people that were there feeling the spiritual 

sound which mother earth was allowing us to hear through the filters of the 
trees, I hope and wish that we can see more of you as we put on our next concerts in the years to come!