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          Stephen and the cool kids from the 40s

A little while back, Stephen had the chance to go down to the Motorsports Hall Of Fame here in Petitcodiac for an event they were hosting. He got to meet some of the folks who were around when some of our old photos were taken. It was a great time with some great people.

 Pictured Above: Dick McLaughlin, Jim Marr, Bill Blight, Frank Restea, Adrian Van Egmand, John Bidell, Roy Blakney, Stephen Murray, Vinnie Thompson, Ernie McHain





The History of The Greenstock Site in Petitcodiac....The Good Old Days!!!!

We will be adding pictures stories and history of the location to this page, if any of you recognize a friend, family member or even yourself, or if you have any information or stories about the location,  let us know...we would love to hear from you.  We would also like to talk to anyone with info on the old ranch drive in or any related information or pics you might have in an old family album somewhere.

     What we have found out so far....

The "Ranch" as it was and is still called was a fairly swinging, popular spot back in the old days. It played host to many community activities. Some of the older folks we've talked to remember camping, fishing, motorcycle events, gatherings and races. When owned by Lloyd Pollock, it also hosted a drive-in movie theatre that could fit 50 vehichles. In hoping to play host to new good times at the Ranch....Greenstock also wants to pay tribute to what it used to be.

          The Ranch pond - Then and Now...

This is the pond located on the Ranch Road in Petitcodiac, the home of the Greenstock Concert Site back when it used to be host to races and fun for the Moncton Motorcycle Club. 

This is the same pond on the same Ranch Road in present day...where the scenery will now host the good times and good tunes at the Greenstock events.

Pictures of the Moncton Motorcycle Club at the Ranch....way back when






The "Ranch" and the Moncton Motorcycle Club...articles and clippings