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              November 28, 2014

A little while back Stephen had the pleasure of being invited down to an event the Motorsports Hall of Fame here in Petitcodiac. He had a great time. We took our mural of the old pictures of the races from the 40's back at the Greenstock site. Some of the folks there knew people in the photos and some were even in them, great times and great memories, thank you. The photos from his visit can be viewed on our Site History page here on the website, because these people are indeed a part of our history.

                 March 10, 2013

Today, I'll start by saying hello to all you Greenstock lovers out there in cyberspace. It has been a busy few weeks around here. As always, we seem to have an overflow of talented folks who want to join our ever-growing family here. We have our first two confirmed concerts of the summer booked all ready, and they are both awesome line ups.
The outpouring of local support and talent so far this year has been almost overwhelming at times, and we appreciate it all. We have a little bit of everything musically from country, rock, alternative and even something in the way of rap this summer....there's sure to be something to suit everyone's tastes. The performers are all excited to get out there and put on two spectacular shows on July 20th and August 24th.
We are also branching out locally a little this summer. The August 24th concert is going to include some things we haven't done before here at Greenstock. In addition to our regular cookshack offerings, we are going to be having a corn boil and selling fresh cobs for folks to take home.
Spring is coming upon us soon, the staff will be going back to the site to get it ready for another summer. I have been around for years, I was at the first one on the Green Road and have been to many since. Still, every summer, the talent that rocks that stage still excites me and I still love what we do. Music and nature....doesn't get any better than this if you ask me.....good night all, Cheers!

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If anyone has any pics of any of our past concerts that you would
like to see on the site just become a member and add them yourself
or email them to and we'll do it for you.

                       January 4th, 2013

Well, looks like the world didn't end after all, so we'll live to rock for another season. The first concert is pretty much booked and I'm hearing that another one is currently in the works. We'll be adding more details once all is confirmed.

We've had quite a few bands and individual artists approach us about playing here this year, so we may end up with more than two concerts again. With the talent that a lot of these folks have, it's really hard to narrow the field down to only a few. There is also going to be a few changes to the performance schedules this year. As always, we will be opening the site at noon so that those who are camping can get their sites set up before the tunes start. We have decided this year we're going to start the music around 3pm rather than 1. The guys at SSi have been truly amazing these last few years. They have been real troopers, putting in long days and nights to support what we do, so to be fair we figured we could cut a few hours off the afternoon for them, after all they keep the music coming to well into the morning hours.

A lot of work still going on around the site even in the off season. We have got more campsites ready and the roads through the site should be pretty much completed before the next concert.We have plans for a lot of things here, and hope that you all come along on this journey with us. Til next time all, have a good one, Cheers!

                       november 12, 2012

New on the Greenstock front, Stephen got a tractor!! That in itself is awesome. As we all know.....everything is more fun with a tractor. We also managed to locate ourselves a hay wagon. That is another big step toward some of the awesome plans we have for the site. The wagon will likely be used for a float in parades,as well as the beginning of our trail ride ventures. So many plans and so few hours in the day. With a group like ours though, all things are possible. We are still putting around at things around here for the off season, waiting patiently to rock the stock again next summer.  We have had enough talented interest that we may just need to have more than one event this year, so keep watching, we have much more in store for the future. Must be going for now, until next time, Cheers!

                      September 30th, 2012

As some of you may have noticed, the Greenstock ghost writer has returned!! Couldn't be happier to return either, I was actually starting to miss this place. Things are all ready well into the planning stages for next year's concert season. There is a lot of interest from performers and we're sifting through the growing piles of requests from talented folks wishing to come and join in on the upcoming season. We will be adding to the lineup as soon as the performers are all finalized, but I'm guessing it will be one hell of a show as usual. 

There are also lots of other plans in the works for the upcoming summers around the site. Some a little bit of a stray from the straight concert experience, but interesting and entertaining all the same. We are seriously working on the plans for trail ride nature outings on our off weekends, and so far we've had a very positive response to the idea. Hard to say what will happen in the years to come, hope you all come along for the ride....Cheers!

                     September 4th, 2012

September all ready. Another summer over here at Greenstock, with hopefully many more to come. Now is the time to once again send out our shout outs of thanks to all of  you who made another amazing year possible for us. This summer, like all the ones before...was filled with amazing concert events and amazing people who put it all together to make it happen. We can not forget to mention our new favourites, Nero Zero, who rocked the Greenstock stage and crowd this summer. Thanks to all of our performers, sound crew, staff, sponsors, patrons, friends......and anyone else we forgot to mention. (We didn't forget you on purpose, it just seems as though the thank you list gets longer every year.) We have been thinking about having one last bash to end this season, so stay tuned for details as you never know exactly what's going to happen around here. As we say farewell for another season here, thanks for coming out everyone.....can't wait to see what's coming next year....hope to see you all there....Cheers!

                                 Exciting News

                                               Friday, April 13th 2012

Rik Reese 
Rik Reese is pleased to announce that they just signed a deal with 
East Shore Records. I fly to Nashville in June with label president 
Charles Hebert to record the new album!

                                 August 9th 2011

Hi Greenstockians!!!

If any of you would like to go visit our good friend Andrew Cook's
site to see his amazing photos then please just follow this link, you
can view the pictures of his and
Nero Zero's visit to Petitcodiac!!
While your there be sure to sign up so you can continue to follow
his work. Thanx and have an awesome summer!!

                       Thursday, July 21st 2011

 Hello to all you Greenstockians!!

Here's just a lil' new for ya's. To start we want to again send out a huge thank-you to everyone who has helped out with all the concerts thus far. We want to also thank all the amazing artists that have performed 
for us all. Last we want to again thank all of you good people who come out to show 
your support and party with us. Without you guys, there wouldn't be a Greenstock. 
Make sure to check out the photo's on the photo page!!
 Thanks to those of you that have shared your photo's and video's, and a big thanks 
to the wonderful photographers we had there Janna Lee Lounsbury, 
and the amazing photographer that came with Nero Zero, Andrew Cook.

        Greenstock Kick Off Concert 2011

Come join us on Sat. June 18th 2011, rain or shine!! Plenty of time to reserve your campsite. We will have some of our favorite bands coming back to rock our stage.  Don Coleman and Loaded Dice are going to be here.  Neon Highway has also confirmed that they will be performing as well. The Mike Chase Band will be joining us for our first concert of the year. We are still waiting to hear back from a few bands and work out the stage times. Like always, we will be running the cook shack and selling t-shirts.  Come help us rock the stock and make this our best concert yet!!



If you would like to perform or have a suggestion of an artist or band you'd like to see perform, contact us at   


Another Summer has come and gone, and we at Greenstock Entertainment think a few thanks are in order for making it all happen. First we want to thank everyone who joined us for our season ender "Rockin' with Earl". Though Earl didn't really make much of an appearance, we still had a great time. We want to thank the Infidels for rocking our stage. Al McDonald and Mojo Hand jammed for us too. Big thanks to Shelby Murray for making her entrance around 1AM to play for us. Even Steve Murray took the stage to show off his guitar/singing skills. Thanks to all the bands and the audience for coming and braving the rain Earl threw at us. We here had a great time and hope everyone else did too!!

We here at Greenstock Entertainment are looking forward to next year already!! We still have lots of t-shirts and are planning on making more for our webstore. If you'd like a certain size or color just let us know. There is tons more stuff at our store, from band merchandise to ashtrays and necklaces, and we are currently expanding.  If you have something you'd like to sell at our store, or pics of past concerts, just email us at . Again, thank you to everyone who helped us pull off another summer of concerts! Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!! Who knows what next summer will bring?   

              Thursday, July 8th 2010

Well, another concert has arrived here at the Greenstock site, and we are all excited about the next two days of events, movies, music and friends. The preparations have gone so well this year. We need to throw a shout out of thanks to our good pal Mike Ritchie who came out yesterday to lay a fresh coat of paint on the bathrooms for us.

Everyone who has offered kind words and support to what we are doing here. The people who see Stephen's vision and the ever-growing group that is helping us in all we are trying to accomplish here, we truly could not have gotten this far without any of you.

We also want to throw a shout out of congrats to an amazing young lady and Greenstock performer, Michelle Thibodeau. Michelle is Miss Teen NB and she is on her way to the Miss Teen Canada Pagent. A truly amazing young woman and awesomely talented performer....good luck and all the best Michelle from all of us here at Greenstock!

Hopefully, you all make it out to the movie night tomorrow....should be a blast. The concert on Saturday is one I'm glad I get to see....a lot of truly talented performers will be rocking the Greenstock stage, including a straight-out 3 hour set from my personal favourite east coast rockers....Forever!!

So, pack up your stuff and we'll see you this weekend, lots still left to do before you all arrive, so til next time take 'er easy all.....Cheers!

                Monday, July 26th 2010

Things around the Greenstock camp were a tad depressing after the low turn out at the last concert, but fear not Greenstock lovers.....We are back in good spirits again. Music always seem to conquer all obstacles around this's pretty amazing really.

Though we had to cancel the August Movie night (sorry everyone) and we had to downsize the August concert....we are still having an awesome show so come out and support this awesome venue. The August 7th show will now be starting at 7PM. Check the event listings for up to date info.

We also found a story in the unusual news that we wanted to share with everyone. This one made Stephen think of Keith and the boys from Forever, wondering if this fellow might be a friend of yours, lol.

The Canadian Press
NEW WATERFORD, N.S. - A Cape Breton man is fighting a ticket he received after being caught chugging along a sidewalk on a souped-up drink cooler.

Neil Rideout of New Waterford was fined $222 under Nova Scotia's Motor Vehicle Act last July for driving his motorized red cooler on a sidewalk.

Rideout, 42, said Thursday he intends to fight the ticket at a trial scheduled for Feb. 2 in provincial court.

In the meantime, he plans to keep the cooler parked.

"I'm not in any way going to antagonize the police," said Rideout, the chairman of the board of a video conferencing company.

"I just wish they'd focus on criminals and not coolers."

Rideout said he only took his Coleman cooler for a spin on the sidewalk at the suggestion of police, who had told him days earlier he couldn't ride the four-wheel contraption on the street.

He said he was pulled over while driving to the convenience store on his cooler, which is equipped with a radio, cup holders and a 5.5-horsepower motor.

"The police officer came up to me and said, 'Mr. Rideout, may I search your vehicle?' " said Rideout, adding he was wearing a bicycle helmet, which the police had also advised him to do.

"At that point, thinking that it was a joke, I kind of lifted the top of the cooler and said, 'Officer, go ahead.' All he found was a combination lock and a half bottle of Orange Crush."

Desiree Vassallo, a spokeswoman for the Cape Breton Regional Police Service, confirmed Rideout was facing a fine for driving the machine on the sidewalk.

She said the only motorized vehicle permitted on a sidewalk under the act is a wheelchair, though Rideout disputes that fact.

Rideout said there's no provision in the act for electric scooters or motorized kids' toys and he believes he's being discriminated against.

The website of the company behind the motorized machines, XtremeCoolers, shows photos of grinning, wheelie-popping riders and the slogan "Ride 'em hard, drink 'em cold."

Rideout was at a tradeshow in Pennsylvania when the cooler caught his eye. He shelled out US$650 for his "perfect urban vehicle."

Once home in Cape Breton, Rideout spent hundreds more dollars to upgrade the cooler's one-horsepower motor, reinforced the suspension, added an MP3 plug in and a headphone jack.

He said the cooler, which costs about $3 to fill up with gas, is more economical and environmentally friendly than driving his considerably larger Chevrolet Impala to the local Tim Hortons.

The cooler can now clock up to 50 km/h though Rideout said he prefers to drive between five and 10 km/h.

- By Melanie Patten in Halifax (Taken from MSN Unusual News)

In other Greenstock news, Matchstick Mike stopped by for a jam and visit with Stephen the other day. Really nice folks. Laura wanted us to say that she really enjoyed meeting you both and she really enjoyed the evening. The tunes were pretty awesome full swing until well after midnight. It was a great time for everyone, thank you guys so much for visiting...hope to see you again soon. Back yard jam of the many great things about getting to work here, I guess, cause we never have enough.

The preparations are on for the August show, and September is looking awesome too. We got word that September is also still on, and an awesome show it will be. We also found out that there is another Greenstock in the US and we were chatting with them the other day. They have been in operation for a couple of years now, and have many of the same goals we have here (weird, eh?) We may have to change our name, but we encourage you all to check out what they are doing, it's pretty cool.

Anyhow, til next time all, take care....Cheers!

               Sunday, June 27th 2010

Greetings all! Another week closer to the next big Greenstock events. The July 9th movie night(should be a blast), and of course, the July 10th concert.

I had the pleasure of attending the PRS graduation ceremony, got to see two of our favourite staff members (Pinky and Brennan) as well as one of our favourite first aid attendants (Shawn Greer) graduate....way to go guys!!

All of the grad speaches talked about all of the hard work the graduates put in over their years of school, it got me thinking about all of the folks who have put in endless hours for Greenstock. I also realized that I forgot to mention a few very special people who put in extra hours before the June concert to make sure the ladies had running water in the bathroom.

The night before the concert, we discovered that we had a big leak in the ladies room pipes. They had split over the winter months. Phillip Bannister and Dwayne Rice spent hours the night before the concert fixing the leak so the ladies would have proper facilities the next day, so if any of you ladies happen to see these guys, be sure to thank them for their tireless efforts to make you all comfy.


Had to throw in the pic of Dwayne and Phil working by flashlight the night before the concert, real troopers! (By the're welcome boys, lol)

Also a quick note about a man who made a special guest appearance in the June 19th show. Al McDonald, the awesome blues man who some of you may have had the pleasure of hearing will be performing at the Colonial Inn in Moncton on July 14th, from 9pm-1am. If you are into some awesome tunes and have nothing planned, stop in and check him out.

I'm sure there's some stuff I'm forgetting to mention....that's ok....I'll have something to write about next time. I'm going to go enjoy the, until next time...get off your computer and do the same....Cheers!

                Monday, June 21st 2010

Well, the first concert of the 2010 Greenstock season is over, and it was another great show. A big thanks to all who attended and all of our bands who put on one hell of a show for those fortunate enough to have seen it.

It was a gorgeous day, and the event went off without a hitch. Thanks to all the bands. I was fortunate enough to get a break to see a few very talented acts. I also got to talk to quite a few of the performers and am always amazed by what down to earth folks you all are.

Stephen heard that a few folks may have been overcharged at the gate. If this happened to you, first, we are truly sorry. If you were one of those people, please let Stephen know so he can make it right for ya. Also, know that we are confident that problem has been resolved.

Things being as they are, we are really hoping to continue with the vision of Greenstock. There has just been too much support for us to give up yet. We will be selling cds of this concert's performances, as well as more t-shirts to raise some funds for the site and all of this summer's events. If you would like to see us continue, pick up some Greenstock stuff and show your support, it's always appreciated.

We have a dedicated staff of volunteers that make our concert experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone and it shows in the smiles on everyone's faces. It is a magical spot and a truly unusual and unbelievable concert experience, unlike other outdoor events I've been to.

Hopefully, we get to continue this adventure for a long time to come, and hopefully you all come along.....should be one hell of a ride!! Til next time, take care all....Cheers!

                Monday, June 11th 2010

Greenstock is happy to announce that we are now the proud owners of a fire truck, thanks to tremendous friends of Greenstock....Emile and Margaret Gauvin. Yup, thinking maybe it's time to start the Greenstock volunteer fire department.....anybody up for it? A great new addition to our site, thanks sooo much's muchly appreciated! See everyone next Saturday....Cheers!


                Saturday, June 5th 2010

While the concert site has been a buzz of activity for the last few months now with preparations for a busy season coming up, I`ve been rushing around....and unfortunately, it`s been a while since my last update to the news. To all of our followers, I apologize.

However, this time there is lots to tell. We now have our own t-shirts for the 2010 season. They are on sale through our online store, as well as  the Petitcodiac Variety Store....and, as Stephen heard one kid saying, "How could you not want a shirt with a flying pig on it?" The site is coming along nicely. Campsites, green room and cookhouse work are all under way. Many people have dropped out to lend a hand or two to the site preparations and maintenance, to all of them....much thanks, we couldn`t do this without all of our friends and the support of our wonderful community.

Today was an extra exciting day for Stephen, and for Greenstock Entertainment too. Stephen took his mom and a few of the Greenstock crew to Fredericton today to attend the Investiture ceremony held by the St. John Ambulance. It was a nice luncheon, followed by the ceremony at the Christ Church Cathedral. It is one of those buildings that is so amazingly constructed that you kind of just stand in awe of it's beauty.

The ceremony honoured many of the members of the St. John Ambulance for their amazing hours of volunteer service and all that they do to help others. I was suprised by how many came from the Petitcodiac area, and how many hours of service they have offered to our communities. Thank you from all of us to all of them for being the amazing folks that they are, and for all the amazing things they do to help our communities. We are all lucky that you are here and so dedicated to what you do.

There were also a few everyday heroes who received awards for selflessly saving the lives of others. A daycare worker who saved a choking child and two men who rescued a toddler who fell from a balcony. It was a truly humbling experience to see all of these people receiving recognition for their time and efforts.

Last, but not least....Stephen stepped up to receive the Priory Vote of Thanks from NB Lieutenant-Governor, Graydon Nicholas. It is a truly proud day for all of us. It`s nice to see people getting behind Stephen and all of the great things he is trying to accomplish through Greenstock.

As the day winds down around here....we`re hoping tomorrow might bring back a little sunshine so we can go back to the site and get some more work done. Til then, I think I might just go relax for a few and reflect on the day. Thank you to Dee and Rebecca for coming on the road trip with us. Today the Vote of Thanks....tomorrow....saving the planet, night all.....Cheers!

            Wednesday, April 14th 2010

Another week closer to d-day here at the Greenstock site. All four concerts are now completely booked. To all of our new additions....welcome to the Greenstock family, it's great to have you joining us this year! To all of the other bands and musicians who still want to play a Greenstock show, keep on contacting us, we're always glad to hear from you.

Four concerts and a movie night, should be a fun-filled season here. Now we can concentrate on getting the site ready for all this summer's guests and performers. Things are going well so far, and with only two more months to go, we'll be busy right up until concert time with repairs and upgrades to the site and facilities.

Apparently, all of our hard work is paying off though. Stephen received a letter from the St. John Ambulance folk (our favourite Greenstock First Aid Team), he is being awarded the "Provincial Vote Of Thanks" on June 5th in Fredericton. The award is their thanks to Stephen and his wonderful venue for "the dedicated work you have done and continue to do for St. John Ambulance and the Province of New Brunswick". Stephen will be presented with the award by the Lieutenant-Governor at the Provincial Investiture Ceremony in Fredericton on June 5th. Way to go Steve!! 

I also want to throw a shout-out to all of our friends, if anyone wants to help out with things please give us an email or a call to let us know, we'd be happy to have you, there's always lots to be done here.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for our movie night on what you'd like to see, please email us and let us know. Now, off we go to do some more prep work so, until next time all.....Cheers!

                Tuesday, April 6th 2010

Preparations for this season of concerts are in full swing. Things keep moving along at break neck speed around here. We only have a few time slots left to book for the Septmeber show before we have a full summer of tunes on the Greenstock stage again.

Not sure if I have remembered to welcome all of the new additions. Kelly Sloan, inTandem, Johnny Oliver as well as our newest addition....Kevin Fletcher and the Gents....Welcome to the Greenstock family guys, great to have you all aboard!

To any of the bands who have sent their interest in playing a Greenstock show. If we haven`t gotten back to you yet, please don`t take it personally....we will contact you. We have just had a lot of people contacting us for this summer`s events, so it may take us a little while, but we haven`t forgotten you.

We would like to send a shout out of thanks to two of our Greenstock performers who took some time to record a few shed sessions. You can check out the special guest performances from Lost Connection and Jeremy Reid here on our site or visit our YouTube channel.

Stephen was out on tour checking out the endless possibilities of the concert site today. Looking things over to inventory all that we have to do in just a few short months to have the site ready to rock for another summer.

For anyone who went to the shows last year, all I can say is you haven`t seen anything yet. There are some truly spectacular acts set to perform this summer, and we can hardly wait.

The support that we have received from everyone in and out of the music industry helps to reinforce our belief in what we are doing we can`t stop now. Heck, we even have our own t-shirts now, world domination can`t be far behind, lol.

Things are shaping up for an awesome summer, see everyone soon....Cheers!

             Saturday, March 27th 2010

Spring is coming quickly, and it looks like that is a good thing for all of us here at the Greenstock camp. Lots of preparations need to be attended to before the season begins  just a few short months from now.

The campsites need to be cleared and cleaned up. The stage, washrooms and cookhouse are all going to require some serious TLC before the folks arrive to take advantage of all our site has to offer.

This summer is looking like it is going to have a lot to offer in the great tunes department, it should be a blast this summer. Our old friends returning and new ones joining us, it'll definitely be a summer to remember for anyone fortunate enough to attend.

The staff is getting excited about another season too...gotta love it when all the people involved in a project as big as this one all get along so well. Guess that's why everything comes together like it does. I know that I can't wait to get out to the site and get into some prep work, it's such a great place to go for the day...even without the tunes, it is truly relaxing.

Well, should run, I've got lots to do...til next time folks, take er' easy....Cheers!

                Sunday, March 16 2010

Wow! Another week gone all ready, concert time growing ever closer. Stephen is still winding down from all of the excitement at the ECMAs last weekend. I was one of the lucky few who didn't experience technical difficulties and got to watch the show. What a sad commentary on the state of Canadian affairs, when the only way to watch a Canadian show honouring Canadian artists, is on the computer....truly disgusting. It was however, worth watching if you had access. But we all ready know how much talent abounds here in the Maritimes, we are fortunate to have many of them join us every summer to share their talents on our stage.

Oh yeah, if you didn't watch, you can jump up and down in your chair and scream now, Forever and the Divorcees won awards at the ECMAs, and with Rik and the boys of Neon Highway nominated as well, it was almost a Greenstock reunion in Sydney for Stephen. Thanks to everyone for making him feel at home down there while he was away. Even though I was absolutely thrilled for all of our friends, I have to admit I was happy to see Classified win as well, like I said before, one of my personal faves.

We have had so many artists interested in performing this summer, it would be no problem for us to book a full concert every weekend, I'm sure. We are still trying to get back to everyone who has contacted us lately. So many talented artists, so little time to squeeze them all in. Too bad the summer wasn't longer. 

This whole experience has been truly amazing. The power of music is something that I believe in and it is something that all of our staff, friends, patrons and performers believe in as well. Anything is possible if you truly believe in and love what you are doing.

We also have our first performer booked for September 4th. We'd like to send out a big Greenstock welcome to Johnny Oliver, welcome to the family, we look forward to seeing you this summer.

Anyhow, I should run for now, always something to do or plan around here so time to crank up the tunes and wind down for the night, til next time, take 'er easy all....Cheers!

                Sunday, March 7th 2010

Sunday all ready. In some ways it feels like the boss has been away forever, and in others it feels like he just left. At any rate, this weekend was a very memorable one for Stephen as well as Greenstock. The ECMAs are "the" event in the East Coast music industry, which has always been full of talented musicians.

Stephen has met many more people and made many new musical friends on his trip and hopefully we'll get to meet a few of them this summer, as well as at future events here at the Greenstock site. He told me he may even be meeting one of my personal favourite Canadian artists, Classified. And, luckily for Stephen he managed to catch one of the Neon Highway shows, we love those guys! He said it's been a full weekend of amazing music and events, and we're glad he's having a good time. Even more glad that Keith has managed to keep him from getting lost down there....thanks man!

We also have a lot more artists interested in the site and what we're doing. Upcoming shows should only get bigger and better from here on out. Kind of hard to believe, considering how many amazing shows we've had all ready.

I'm sure I'll have a month's worth of news to report when he gets back so for now, take it easy all....Cheers!

             Thursday, March 4th 2010

Just got off the phone with Stephen. The ECMAs are apparently one hopping place this weekend....and Stephen is totally enjoying himself. There is a down side to things however. Two of our favourite bands, Forever and Neon Highway are performing at the same time, and he can't watch them both. (man....I wish I could be that stressed, lol) So, there is definitely no shortage of great tunes in Sydney this weekend! Great place for our fearless leader to spend the weekend, he should fit right in. Much thanks to Keith Dawson for showing him around down least we know he won't get lost, he's in good hands.

Guess he's been running into lots of old friends down there, and of course, making lots of new ones. We're probably going to have to book a few more concerts just to make sure we have room for everyone. Oh well....more music can only make for a better summer here at the site.

If you've been on the website in the last day or two, you may have noticed some new additions. We have put a few more updates on the site. There are now stage times listed for both the June and July concerts on the 2010 events page. We also have added a few extra pages of info including a new FAQ page, a guestbook, and even an arcade...that's just for fun though. Our updated Location page can now give you directions to Greenstock from wherever you may be. Please check out the new additions and tell us what you think.

I guess I have to do some work at the home base tomorrow. Sure is different without the boss around. Only a few days and he'll be back. Hopefully, with even more awesome talent to finish off the August and September playlists. He says everyone down there is just as supportive as they've been here. It sure is truly does bring people together. If you don't belive that, you need to come work here for the summer, then you'll have no doubt. Anyhow, lots to do tomorrow so I think that's all for this time. Night all....Cheers!

           Wednesday, March 3rd 2010

Today, was the day! Stephen left for the big adventure that is the ECMAs down in Sydney. Hopefully all of our good friends will take care of him while he's away. He's in great hands with Keith, I'm sure. It's a shame he couldn't take us all with him, it should be a great time.

Things are still rolling along here at the Greenstock home base, even with the boss away. Got the June 19th stage times from our good friend, Don Coleman (much thanks bro, greatly appreciate all you have done and continue to do for Greenstock!) so go check them out on the event listings. It's a great way to make sure you get out to see all your favourites this summer. There is also a complete list of times for the July show and a partial list for the August show that we are still booking.

We've had an amazing amount of talent added to this summer's calendar all ready, and the interest is out there for many more talented folks to join in the fun this season. We're all really excited about this year's events, we can hardly wait to get it all under way again.

A big thanks to everyone who has stuck it out and supported us through the last few years of trying to get our vision off the ground. So many great people have invested themselves into helping us succeed and we are truly grateful to all of you. Greenstock is a place that is truly about the nature and the tie that binds us all in our souls....great music!

And there should be no shortage of great tunes down in Sydney....if Stephen doesn't make it back on time we may have to send out a search party to bring him back. Well, think it's time to shut er' down for tonight. We'll be back with more news from the big adventure as soon as we hear from the boss, til then....night all....Cheers!

             Tuesday, February 23rd 2010

Well, 9 days to go until Stephen leaves for the ECMAs. He's off to the big city to do some pre-event shopping with some of our favourite Greenstock staffers this week. (can't let him go unsupervised, he might get himself in trouble)

Things are rolling on here at the Greenstock home base. All of our plans and preparations have started and will kick back into full gear once Stephen returns from his adventure down in Cape Breton. We also got word that two more of our favourite performers from last year will be back to join us again this summer. A big Greenstock welcome to Ivan Daigle and Michelle Thibodeau, who will be joining us for our August 7th show.

With almost three whole concerts booked all ready, I'm thinking we might have to start looking into weekend events, there's almost too much talent to fit into one day concerts. But for now, we have four full days of great tunes planned to rock the stock, as our good buddy Rik says. We can hardly wait for this summer to arrive. The staff, our performers, friends and guests are all sharing in the excitement and anticipation of what this concert season will bring.

Only time will tell, but at least for now everything we're hearing is on we charge. We may not know how to explain it, but we definitely know how to do it! Anyhow, til next time....take it easy stress, Cheers!

             Monday, February 15th 2010

Another weekend closer to concert season...and it just keeps getting better. Got confirmation last night that Rik Reese and the boys of Neon Highway will be back for another kick-ass performance this summer. They have joined our August 7th crew. We are just glad their busy schedule has allowed them the time to come back for us. If you missed these guys last year, you don't know what you're missing so, make sure you come check them out this year!

The plans for this summer are going full speed ahead, and things couldn' t be looking better for this year's concerts. Once Stephen returns from the ECMAs in March, we will be working pretty much full time until the concerts. There is still much work to be done here to complete Stephen's vision of the site. We have painting, site upgrades, booking, and much more to do before this summer sneaks up on us again.

It has been great so far, and this season is shaping up to be twice as good as last year. With more concerts and performers booked than last year all ready, how could it get any better? That's all for now folks, see you soon, Cheers!

            Thursday, February 11th 2010

Today, we have some interesting and exciting news. For those of you who watch the ATV evening news, you probably all ready know some of this. For those of you who don't watch, we will explain the whole plan. A dear friend of Greenstock, Don Coleman, had a brilliant idea yesterday that he shared with Shelby Murray, Greenstock, as well as a lot of other folks last night...on the evening news.

The idea you may be asking? To nominate Jeff Healey for a well deserved place on Canada's Walk of Fame. Don and Shelby took their quest to TV last night to spread the word and urge people to put in their nominations. We agree that this amazing musician deserves to be there, among other great Canadians. If you are too young to remember, or have been living under a rock and are not aware of his music, go forth and listen. If you are aware of his music, then you understand  fully what a truly talented man he was, and how much he contributed to the world of music.

We have all ready put our nomination in, and now we are asking all our music loving, Greenstock friends to do the same. For a second of your time, you can help us get Jeff Healey on the Walk Of Fame....nominations are open now, so take a minute and get 'r' done!

            Tuesday, February 9th 2010 

I'm going to start off this edition of the news with something that is not about music, but is something that is newsworthy all the same. I was raised not only to respect people, but animals as well. It is a belief I hold myself and one that Stephen is very true to. He has rescued critters of all shapes and sizes from various situations over the years, most recently, he rescued Spike's dog when it ran off and was lost in the woods for four days. He didn't stop looking til he found Bowser. When he saw the story for the link I'm posting, he was outraged that people can get away with such wreckless disregard for the life of another living creature. Take a look at what this terrible person allowed to happen and see if you don't just feel a little of that outrage yourself. http://www.cbc/canada/nova-scotia/story/2010/02/04/ns-frozen-dog.html

On the brighter side of things and a little more music related, we got word that in addition to the Mike Chase Band, Mike Trask will also be joining the June 19th line up. If you've never heard these two acts perform before, go on the videos page and check them out, they are both well worth the listen....really good tunes! Between these bands, Easy Street Band, Don Coleman and more, the first show of the season should have the Greenstock stage rockin way into the early morning hours as usual.

With two full concert days booked all ready, there should be no shortage of awesome tunes this summer. We have so many talented performers all ready, I can hardly wait to see who is going to be coming out for the other two shows. We love the fact that the up and coming bands get to share our stage and take some cues from the more experienced performers we have had the pleasure of watching perform here.

There was always wonderful music created at the home base and foundation of the Greenstock site, I grew up listening to it and cherish those memories of the back yard and shed jam sessions that still carry on today. It is where we all come from and music is close to the hearts of all our staff and performers alike. It's just great that we have the opprotunity to share that with everyone else....and have fun doing it!

That is our news for today. We look forward to seeing everyone soon, in the meantime....don't forget to cast your vote for ECMA Fans Choice Award at Good luck to all our favourite nominated bands, we wish you all could win, cause you all deserve it. Stephen sent his vote out for Forever.... and mine, well....I'll never tell. With three of our favourite bands from last summer nominated (Forever, The Divorcees, Rik Reese and Neon Highway) How could you not vote and show your support for at least one of these great Maritime performers?! Til next time all, Cheers!

             Sunday, February 7th 2010

It was an exciting weekend here at Greenstock. Last night Stephen went to the SSi Off Season Bash in Moncton, accompanied by one of our favourite staff members, Bev Smith. They talked, met some new people and heard some great performances. It was a great time and Stephen would like to thank the guys at SSi for the invite and for the great job they do out here on the sound and lighting for the Greenstock events, you guys are awesome.

We also filled out the forms to send in to apply for funding for the Canada Day celebrations we're trying to pull together, so keep your fingers crossed folks. We got confirmation of a new act being added to the June 19th line up. We'd like to send out a huge Greenstock welcome to the Mike Chase Band....great to have you aboard! We're also waiting on confirmation of two more very talented performers for that concert as well, details soon. We are continually working at our dream performance of ZZ Top on the Greenstock stage, and Stephen has no intent on giving up on that quest quite yet....if ever.

Stephen is getting geared up to attend the ECMAs in March, and we're all pretty excited about it. We love Atlantic Canada and have been blessed enough to have some of it's most talented performers grace our stage, with still even more to come this year. We encourage you all to get online and vote for the ECMAs, show your support for your favourite Atlantic Canadian musicians!! We have all casted our votes....take a minute and do the same, they all appreciate the support.

That's the latest, hopefully some more equally good news to report soon....til then, Cheers!

              Friday, February 5th 2010

Things just keep getting better here at Greenstock....gotta love what we do is all I can say! Last summer our stage saw some awesome talent, and we all had a blast in the process. This year's calendar is all ready filling up quickly and the talent never ceases to amaze me. There are so many artists, so many's definitely going to be a season to remember.

We all ready have four dates set, and we are working on some festivities for Canada Day and New Brunswick day if we can pull it all together in time. Also been looking into turning the concert site into a movie theatre a few weekends over the summer too. Anybody up for a marathon of Monty Python on the big screen, out under the stars instead of some stuffy old theatre? Give us some feedback, let us know what you'd like to see.

Always on the go, Stephen has been talking and working with all of our friends both old and new to make this season of concerts even better than last year. We are hoping to use the site for as many good things as we can. In working under the "no stress allowed" policy we embrace, we hope to help everyone escape and leave their stress behind, even if it is only for a few days here and there. No-one can really be at the site and not feel it's peaceful calm wash over them, it is a very beautiful, pure place, just like the music that is played there. 

This summer some of our old friends are returning to rock the crowd again, and we have an ever-growing line up of new artists to our stage. And with Stephen off to the ECMAs in March, heaven only knows who else will end up joining us.

Anyhow, we're waiting confirmation on a couple more acts for the June 19th show, so keep watching for updates (they seem to be coming pretty quick these days) Til then, rock on everyone....Cheers!

             Monday, January 25th 2010

Much activity and buzz has been surrounding us here at Greenstock. The excitement of going to ECMAs recently had Stephen going through some unplanned physical training to ensure he's up to the challenge.

In keeping with our "worst day ever" stories, I thought I'd share one of Stephen's with everyone. Not too long ago, Stephen decided to have a small gathering at his home for one of our important staff members, Cheyenne. She brought along her dog Bowser to join in the fun. Stephen, during a temporary lapse in judgement, let the dog outside and it ran off into the woods. 

For days, Stephen walked and searched the hundreds of acres of his property, appeals were posted on the internet, posters were put out....but still no Bowser.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost of finding the poor little pup unharmed, Stephen had a thought on where he may have gone to hide. At around 1am, Stephen found Bowser huddled in the bush waiting for salvation. Happily, he was reunited with his family.

Guess it kind of keeps with our never give up spirit around here. Also in other news we would like to announce our first performer for the August concert. We are honoured to welcome Matchstick Mike to the Greenstock stage, a welcome additon to our growing Greenstock family.

Things are shaping up to make for one hell of an awesome season....I'm beat so until next time all....Cheers!

            Monday, January 18th 2010

The days are rolling by and things keep rolling on here at the Greenstock home base. Stephen is getting excited about his trip down to the ECMAs. We have also started the guest appearances on Shed Sessions. Emile Gauvin popped in and gave us our first guest performance. We should have Jeremy Reid, Don Coleman and a few others out soon, so we'll have some more rocking tunes from out in the shed.

This seasons concerts are shaping up well. The acts that we have confirmed all ready are all a very talented bunch and we have quite a few more performers we've talked to about coming out to play here, including one really well known band we are in the works of trying really hard to bring to the Greenstock stage. Of course, there never seems to be a lack of good tunes at any of the concerts.

This whole venture has made us all realize how many truly talented musicians we are blessed to have here in the Atlantic provinces. We have had the chance to hear some truly great performances here on our stage and every year it just keeps getting better. Artists from different genres and backgrounds coming together to make amazing music in the beauty and quiet of nature. It is a truly unique and wonderful experience, one that we hope to continue as well and as long as we can.

What else can we say but, rock on....and see you all soon....Cheers!

            Wednesday, January 6th 2010

Well, 2009 has come and gone and what a year it was here at Greenstock. Filled with a lot of great music, a lot of great people and the many friends we've made along the way.  A big thanks to all of the staff, friends, performers, patrons and everyone else who has helped along the way, we are grateful to you all. Hopefully, 2010 will bring more talented folk to 0ur stage to rock the stock even harder than last year.

Stephen is going to be taking his trip down to the ECMAs in March....look out world, haha. Very cool that three of our favourite bands who performed at Greenstock all received nominations, (Forever, Neon Highway and The Divorcees) And at least we know Stephen will be among friends while he's away from the home if any of you read this, take care of him for us guys....and show him a good time while he's there. 

Things are all ready shaping up quickly for this summer's concert season, and we have accumulated a fairly long line of performers. We have some of the "Greenstock Family" returning to play again this year. We welcome back Shelby Murray and Don Coleman for the June 19th show, as well as one of my personal favourites to hear live...Forever, who will be coming in for the July 10th show. Got one of their cds, and they really rock the house and are one truly talented bunch, not to mention a really great group of people as well. We have also confirmed a few new additions to this year's line up too. We are pleased to announce that Easy Street Band will be at the June 19th show, and Jeremy Reid and The Machine will be taking the stage on July 10th with Forever.

We have four dates set all ready and we are still booking performers for all dates, if anyone's interested in coming out for a concert or even a shed session....drop us a line and let us know. We update the site as soon as performers are booked, so keep checking for updates as they will be coming up between now and this summer. Happy New Year all from all of us here at the Greenstock camp, night all....Cheers!

          Thursday, November 26th 2009

Well, although the news here may have been a bit quiet around the site the last little while, that doesn't mean that we've forgotten about all you Greenstock lovers out there. We have been busy winterizing the site and doing some upgrades so we'll be ready to rock out again on the 26th of June. A second layer of re-inforcement is just about finished being added to the existing stage and we are working on many other upgrades for our next concert season, which is all ready shaping up to be bigger and better than this year.

We have also been doing some work here on the website as well. Check out the photos of the Greenstock items available in our web store which should be up and running shortly. Also, our summer event calendar, we have all ready started planning and you can check out the performers and dates booked there as soon as we know them.

We will also have cd's for sale at Howatt's and the old Super Variety Christmas Craft Store in downtown Petitcodiac....13 great tunes performed by Pete Melanson's Blues Band and Shelby Murray. You can also order one by sending us and email here on the site, to Stephen at or by giving us a call at 756-8185. The cds will be selling for $15.

Also coming soon we will have cds of the band Forever for sale as well, more details on that as soon as we have them. A wicked band and well worth listening to.....if you haven't heard them yet check them out, we have a link to them on our links page.

Anyhow, burning the candle at both ends lately....needing some shut eye....see you all again soon, Cheers!

             Friday, October 16th 2009

The last little while has been quite busy for all things Greenstock, behind the scenes. Stephen is still working with his Human Rights complaint against the RCMP for the road blocks and the loss of revenue that it caused to the first concert.  Preparations are being made around the site, to maintain and preserve it through the winter months so it will be ready to rock and roll again next summer.

We sure did have an amazing three concerts this summer though, and next year should be even better.We made a lot of amazing musical friends this summer and they continue to show their support for Greenstock and our goals here.

One of those friends, Keith Dawson, the drummer/manager for the band Forever, recently invited Stephen down to visit them and attend the ECMA's, which Keith is helping to co-ordinate. It should be a great time for Stephen and should introduce us to a host of other bands, industry connections and ideas for the next season here at Greenstock. Stephen wanted to thank Keith for the invite, should be a great time, as it usually is when musicians get together.....don't get in too much trouble guys.

All of the bands have been talking to Stephen about the shed sessions we are planning through the winter, they have all been really supportive of the idea and Stephen may even start his own be ware! The possibilities and positive drive here at Greenstock is what keeps us all hooked and what will bring us all back again next summer to do it all over again...hopefully, you'll all come join us. And in the meantime....the news, shed sessions, blogs and  forums will keep you occupied til we are back in full gear for the summer concert season. Cheers all...see you again soon.

            Monday, September 21st 2009

We start this edition of the daily news with heavy hearts. The world has lost a wonderful woman, fellow music lover and someone who will truly be missed by all those here at Greenstock who had the pleasure of knowing her. We would like to say a fond fairwell to our friend, Judy Wainright. We would like to take a moment to say our most heart felt condolences to Dwayne Rice and his family.

Things have ended here at the site for the season, but the work here goes on. Lots of work  going on to ensure that our next season of performances is even better than the amazing shows we had this year.

We are also working on some things to keep us occupied during the winter months as well. Be on the Lookout for upcoming "Shed Sessions". Steve-O is planning a series of interviews and commentaries throuout the winter....should definitely be interesting. We will be filming them from the famous "shed".

Rumour also has it that Steve-O may be taking a small vacation to visit some old friends, and further spread the word about us and what we're doing here. Hopefully, all goes well with that, we'll have to let you all know after he wanders back home. For now though, we must be going...see you all soon, Cheers!

          Thursday, September 3rd 2009

Well, two more days until the big day arrives again and we are just as stoked as we always are for the amazing show ahead on Saturday...a must see, especially since it may be our last event for this season. Another evening of great times, great tunes and great friends in the stressful beauty of nature.

The staff has been working hard and making ongoing improvements to the site and our facilities, and it is looking better all the time. Can't wait til next year....should be absolutely amazing, definitely something to look forward to.

Due to the weather being fairly decent as of late we have decided that we will allow small campfires at the campsites this time around. What is a campsite without a campfire right? But we do ask that you are responsible about it and remember the word SMALL.

We are also looking for feedback and ideas from all you Greenstockers out there about next year for bands you'd like to see, site improvements, etc. So please feel free to drop us a line. Also, if you are a band or performer who would like to come rock out at the next season of events, get a hold of you cause we would love to hear from you. We plan to make the next season bigger and better.

Lots of prep left to do, so we're going to say goodnight all from all of us here at the Greenstock camp. See you all Saturday...spread the word and bring a friend or two, the more, the merrier, Cheers!

              Tuesday, August 25th 2009

Well, I need to start this edition of the news by apologizing to one of our favourite Greenstock performers and one of our most faithful readers, Emile sorry for the lapse in the news....I'll try harder to update it more often for you and all of our other faithful Greenstock readers.

Things are taking shape more and more around the site all the time. As Greenstock grows, so does our love of the land, the music, the site and our vision....which all seem to be slowly coming together. Work is still being done on additional campsites, parking and the ATV parking areas.

The staff is excited that we get to go another round...maybe two before this season is over and we start planning the next one, which is starting to look like it is going to be even bigger and better than this year's events.

This year has so far seen us both cursed and blessed in our venture, but our spirit and drive to succeed continue to grow with the site, as does our belief in the music and what we're doing here. We have had  a few problems and a few kinks to work out along the way so far, but we are learning.

We have been and continue to be truly blessed with the community support and help from more people than we could ever list here who truly believe in what we're doing and it is wonderful.

We have also been blessed with an unbelievable amount of talent on our stage this are all amazing and have our love and support all the way, thanks for coming out and Rocking The Stock!! And we are still looking forward to the next performance. Shelby Murray is always so entertaining and such a joy to watch...a very talented young woman who truly loves and feels the music. Casual Labour...What can I say about these guys, I have always loved listening to these boys play at the back yard jam sessions growing up. They are my "uncles" and I love that they play the way they do simply for the love of the music and it shows, they are a big part of the reason I love music the way I do. And Pete Melansons Blues Band, heard them for the first time at the last event and was blown away, they are unbelievable...a must see for any fan of the genre or just any fan of good rockin tunes.

As concert preparations continue on...we cannot wait for the next day of good times and great tunes...see you all soon...Cheers!  (and good morning Emile)

             Saturday, August 15th 2009

Not a whole lot to report around the Greenstock site over the last couple of days, besides a whole lot of empty returns. But the emails keep coming from the patrons and bands who can't wait for the next round. Neither can we, the events so far have been such a positive experience for all of us involved that we just want to keep on going.

I did however hear a small rumour today about the possibility of another event sooner than everyone may have anticipated. The buzz today is that there may be an event in the works for early September...possibly the almost last concert of the summer? We can only hope. Another one would make my summer. With the two concerts we've all ready had, the talent has been amazing and I can't imagine any future events being any less memorable.

So we go tonight, with visions of the next artists rocking the stage on our minds...see you all again (hopefully soon) Cheers!

              Tuesday, August 11th 2009

What else can be said about this whole experience but, WOW! What an experience it has all been so far and what an experience it continues to be. We have had so many amazing performers grace our stage, and made so many amazing connections. More importantly we have made many new friends and expanded the Greenstock family far beyond our expectations all ready.

The site is all clean now. The cans and bottles sent off for recycling and all the mess cleaned up. The boys even levelled out the parking lot before they hauled the machinery off today. A four acre parking lot now, smooth as silk...thanks guys. Thanks to Amanda and Mark for coming out and doing a large part of the empty pick up for us, greatly appreciated.

A big shout out of thanks to SSi for doing a bang up job on the sound and lighting for this event, and for staying above and beyond the call of duty for a short extension to Forever's set, you are great, thanks again. Looking forward to having all of our performers back for another round as they all rocked the crowd so hard this time. Rik Reese is one hell of a fiddle player! Bent Penny was wicked. Loved the Ivan Daigle "Friends In Low Places" one of our backwoods faves. Pete Melanson's Blues Band was awesome, and Forever...Ozzy tunes at 4 guys rule! Also, planning for the next event. Through some of the connections we've made, we've had chances to possibly bring some very talented people to our stage. I wonder how many people we could gather for a band like Nazareth? Hmmm....lets see how many would come for something like that, email us and let us know if you would. We only plan to continue to build and improve on what we have begun here.

Looking at the site is hard to tell that the back yard party of the summer went down there on Saturday night/Sunday morning. But when you look at the newly posted pics in our album, the memories are as fresh as they will be years from now. It was one hell of a show!!

To anyone who was there, you know how awesome it was. To anyone who missed, did you miss out and I would definitely check out the next one. Good night all, Cheers!

             Sunday, August 9th 2009

Another concert over.....and what a show it was. The beautiful day set the perfect stage for an amazing day and night of performances. A big thanks to everyone, from the staff to our partners and all our talented performers.

The day actually started out with Don Coleman and Loaded Dice, who rocked the stage as always. Then we went on to Emile Gauvin. The Divorcees were also great to watch, I missed the show last time, so I was glad I got the chance to see them. Shelby Murray never ceases to amaze with her talent and her ear for music. Bored On Sunday gave us a good alternative set. Stephen Murray and the Wonderland Band also gave us a great performance as well. The guys in Kunundrum are pretty much my uncles and I grew up listening to them play, so it really took me back to hear them, very good tunes. Ivan Daigle also gave us a great set, and Pete Melanson's Blues Band was excellent. Neon Highway are real troopers, after putting on a show they showed up in the early morning hours and totally rocked out for everyone....a great performance.

It was also a great pleasure to have our two out of province acts with us as well. Bent Penny gave a great performance, a very talented bunch and also had a great bunch of folks from Grand Manan with them. Forever closed out the show with an awesome performance that finished the show around 4:30 in the am, so glad I had the pleasure of meeting them, they are great people.

To all the staff...thank you. We appreciate all your hard work before, during and after the all rock! We did it again! 

We watched the sun rise over the site this morning...beautiful ending to an amazing night. But since I'm running on almost no sleep right now, I think we'll sign off from this edition by letting you know that we will have lots of pics up from the show in the next couple days, so keep your eyes open. Night all...see you at the next one, Cheers!

                Friday, August 7th 2009

Here we are again....the day before d-day, again. The excitement keeps growing here at the Greenstock camp....we can hardly contain ourselves waiting for tomorrow. It is shaping up to be bigger and even better than the last one....if that's possible cause the last show was amazing.

Today we got some of the last minute things done around the site. We got some gravel laid down in front of the stage area. Got all of the lights bought and ready to be installed tomorrow for some additional lighting around the site on concert night. Also....for those who asked last time...YES...we will have coffee this time.

Thanks to Kevin and Mark Geldart for giving us a hand around the site today finishing up some things. Also, for their ideas on solar powered lighting for the parking area. Also got some more trails cleared out and some more work done. A lot of hard work from a lot of folks....hopefully it comes together for an awesomely smooth running event like we had last time.

Time to go put in a couple of hours of final touches out at the site. Also, just a reminder, no matter what you may hear on your way here....Hell or High Water the show goes on!! Please no glass and no pets on site. Bring whatever food and drink you wish.  Hope you all come out to Rock The Stock tomorrow....and to those of you who don't, you have no idea what you're missing.....Cheers!!

             Thursday, August 6th 2009

Another day gone...and only one more to go before we are ready to Rock the Stock again on Saturday. As always, we need to give our daily shout outs of thanks to those helping the Greenstock cause move forward. Big thanks to Napoleon Basque for helping us get our canteen permit together on such short notice, and to everyone else who has helped in our permit woes of recent days....all is going well and we thank you all for your support and prompt attention toward addressing our issue, it is greatly appreciated.

Kevin was out again today too working away at some more levelling around the site. Don't know how they do what they do....they must have an IV drip of Timmies hidden in those machines somewhere to work the hours they do and still function.....and we of course, love you guys for all your help here. We also got some more work done to the area that is going to be used as designated ATV parking on site. Lots done, and still lots more to do tomorrow to prepare for Saturday. None of this would be possible without the combined efforts and hard work of all involved.

The weather is supposed to be great for concert day...22 and mainly sunny forecast so far. Can't wait to see you all more day to go.....Cheers!

Oops....almost forgot to show you a couple of pics of the boys hard at work at the site today.



             Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Another day closer, and only a couple more to go. Progress is being made a little each day and will all come together in a couple of days for an amazing day of great tunes and great times for all. We are getting more excited as show day draws near. The bands are all pumped and can't wait to get up there and do what they do best....entertain.

We'd like to send a shout out to thank the mayor and town council for offering their support to our event, it's great that the whole community seems to be on board and very supportive of what we're doing. Also, if anyone gets a chance to check out the Westmorland County Agricultural Fair in runs from the 2nd til the 8th and there's lots of stuff going on this week. Also, to let everyone know, if possible avoid the homestead on your way to Greenstock, come on the Trans Canada, as there will be a parade for the fair downtown in the late morning/early afternoon.

And, a big thanks to Kevin, who has come out to do some last minute touch-ups to the site for us...muchly appreciated. And for anyone who was at the last event....the toilet paper holders and stall doors are all up and operational this time.

A shout out to Don Coleman as well as anyone else attending the big AC/DC show in Moncton tomorrow...should be nuts, enjoy all!  Also, a shout out to Rik Reese and the boys of Neon Highway, can't wait to see you guys rock the stage here again. Also, The Divorcees and the rest of our performers from around the maritimes....welcome to the Greenstock family....time to rock the stock, as we know you all will.

We should have some more site progress pics up for you all sometime tomorrow too....Bev's gonna run back and snap some shots for us...muchly appreciated. With our staff and performers all excited and ready to go another round, we say good-night all. See you in 3 more days..Cheers!

              Tuesday, August 4th 2009

Today was another day of accomplishment here at the Greenstock site. With the drum riser built on the stage all ready, crews came in and finished up the washroom buildings. The stall doors are all hinged and hanging now, thanks guys. Philip was out today to prune some greenery and tidy the campsites up a bit.

The equipment was brought out today to work on levelling out some of our newer campsites. A lot of progress was made here this summer,and the site is looking great.  Should really pay off next summer too, once more of our vision is completed. The beauty and possibility of this site is endless. Two of my favourite things combined, music and nature.

Everyone is getting more and more excited as concert day closes in on us again. Even with us only recently finding out about this permit thing...we have done our best, and it is in the hands of the politicians now. For any inconvenience this may cause anyone, we truly apologize....however, hell or high water the show will go on. And it should be a good one.

So with only a few short days to go, we say goodnight all....get ready to rock the stock. We'll see you soon..Cheers!

               Monday, August 3rd 2009

The excitement, support and progress here at the Greenstock site just seems to keep on growing. And to any of you out there who doubt the power of music, we invite you to come and see what it has helped us to is a truly amazing thing, and my belief in it has only grown since I became a part of the Greenstock family.

We have had the pleasure of working with some very hard working and very genuinely good people. From the start of the build, we have been blessed with many people who donated time, money and their personal skills to helping us get the site off the ground, and for that we are eternally grateful to you all. The hours some of these folk dedicated to Greenstock would drop most people to their knees. We have electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and more all coming in this week in the heat of the summer to ensure all is up and running well for this weekend's event. We even completed construction of the drum lift on the stage.

We are lucky to hear every day how word of our site and the good times to be had here is spreading, mostly by word of mouth. We are proud to have as many top-notch performers as we do coming out to support the site. The three bands who are performing twice on concert day....Neon Highway, The Divorcees and Don Coleman and Loaded Dice...mad love and respect to you all, don't know how you do it boys, but we're sure glad you do!!  I'm also very excited to see all of the returning performers again, not to mention the new additions..also some very talented folk, and not to sound like I'm playing favorites or anything, but I'm really looking forward to Pete Melanson's Blues Band and Forever. However, I'm also excited about Kunundrum and the Bent Penny boys from Grand Manan as well.

As concert day again grows closer....we can't help but get a little bit excited and full of that Greenstock spirit that makes this such an awesome place to be, til next time all, Cheers!

             Sunday, August 2nd 2009

Let me start this edition of the news by apologizing for the lack of updates on the site as of late. We here at Greenstock have had a rather rough go of things lately and we are presently collecting ourselves and trying to figure out why it is that one entity can be so against a project as positive as ours.

We have had a tremendous amount of support since we began this venture. The community, the businesses within the community, the performers have given an unbelievable amount of backing to our events. And, all things considered, we could not have gotten this far without the help and support of many good people. However, since the last event on June 20th, there has been a dark cloud hanging over Greenstock.

As if the excessive RCMP action surrounding the last concert was not enough, we have had some recent issues as well. Stephen recently received a call regarding the August 8th event. He was told that (although there was no mention of it before this point) we were to have a permit to hold our concert or he could face fines and possibly be incarcerated. He was also told that it would take him at least 30 days to obtain said permit. 

And so, the Greenstock team set to work researching the regulations and this mysterious permit that we were supposed to possess. We called the town...they were not aware of it, we contacted  ServiceNB, they asked if we were on private property with the owner's permission...yes. They asked if we had any bordering neighbours who didn't They asked if we had waste management and washroom facilities....yes. Do we have available security and first aid on site....yes, as well as FREE drinking water. Do you sell If you sell anything on site do we claim our taxes...yes. Then we were asked exactly what it was we were supposed to have a permit for.

Stephen has talked to the municipal government of the village, the provincial entities....almost all of them at this point, as well as MLAs, the fire marshall's office and countless others regarding these issues. We did apply for the only related permit the village office could find for us, and we fully intend to go on with this event and future events.

As we go through all of this, we would like to thank the RCMP officer who found the most recent way to try to shut us down, undoubtedly through vigorous research....seeing as how at no time around the last concert was it mentioned.  Nice to know that on the weekends when the downtown core substains vandalism and they are "too busy" to come out that they are at a desk somewhere looking for ways to slow economic progress in the town.

Preparations are still well under way for the event. All of our staff and performers are stoked! Stephen was talking to the carpenters, plumbers and electricians and they will all be out at the first of the week to fix up the last minute things at the site before next weekend.

Hell or High Water....August 8th, see you all there...should be one hell of a show..Cheers!

               Tuesday, July 28th 2009

What else can be said except wow?! The support and the talent here at the Greenstock events just keeps getting better every day. Nothing like this ever happens without a lot of support, dedication and hard work though, I suppose.

Not meaning to cut anyone short with the last edition of the daily news, I just need to say a few words about the bands who will be performing. There are three in particular that I have a great deal of admiration for, as their talent and dedication to their craft and to Greenstock amazes me. I just found out that Neon Highway isn't the only band doing two shows that day, The Divorcees and Don Coleman are as well. Ran into Don the other night and had a chance to chat for a few about the upcoming concert and his hectic schedule, which we are thankful to be a part of. Don is an excellent performer who puts on one hell of a show and is always a pleasure to talk to.

Was listening to Forever and am still blown away by them...awesome tunes guys, can't wait to hear them live. Excited about all of the performers. We have an amazing line up of talent, and a full day of it.

The site is looking good. The grass is starting to grow nicely around the concert site and final preparations to the site are well under way, including the campsite area and some ATV parking. The washrooms, cookshack, stage and the site in general are receiving some TLC before the event.

It's been a long day for all here at Greenstock, time to call it a night...see you all soon.....Cheers!

               Saturday, July 25th 2009

Yesterday and today were the positive re-inforcement the Greenstock camp needed to let us know that our mission is on track and that others want to join us...we couldn't be happier right now with the way things are going. The last concert was amazing, full of real talented musicians, sharing the stage in an extremely entertaining evening and this one is shaping up to be even better.

We are so thrilled to have our favourite performers coming back for another round here at Greenstock as it just wouldn't be the same to do this without them. We were happy enough to find out that Don Coleman and Loaded Dice, Ivan Daigle, Shelby Murray and Emile Gauvin were all going to be back. Then, we got word that The Divorcees were coming...they are such fun to watch, such awesome performers and awesome guys we are so glad their schedule allowed them to come back and join us for the show, can't wait to see them play again.  Neon Highway has moved heaven and earth to come to this event as well and we are glad, they are a part of Greenstock and it wouldn't be the same without them. Two gigs in one guys are troopers, you love your work and it shines through in your rock!  

We also got two other bands coming in from other places to play as well. The boys of Bent Penny from Grand Manan are coming out to give us a show to remember at Greenstock. Also got confirmation that another band from Cape Breton will be joining us to rock out as well.Their name is Forever, and I had never heard their music until we found out they were coming...they are awesome, can't wait to see them perform, should be another awesome set. The list of talented performers who will be gracing our stage has yet again grown to overflowing...and let us just take the time to say...welcome to the Greenstock family, we're glad you all can make it out....should be one hell of a show!

As the site and staff prep goes on for this event, we are so glad to be surrounded by the most amazing people. The support of the community has been overwhelming. Before we call it a night, let us say thanks to all who have helped make this a reality..we couldn't pull this off without you all....Cheers!

             Thursday, July 23rd 2009

Another exciting day for the Greenstock staff. Interest in the site and our mission just seems to keep on growing. The positive energy from all of the folks involved is part of what makes me love my work here. Can't wait, hopefully this time a lot more people will come out to enjoy the incredibly talented line up of performers that are going to be here. We once again have more performers wanting to perform than we have available slots. Good thing we plan to keep the events coming....gotta make room for all these talented folks somewhere.

Stephen has been back at the site working on some clean up and some preparations for the concert. He also booked our sound crew. Kinda cool that they turned out to be local boys this time around. SSI will be doing our sound this time....and with more speakers than last time the tunes will be thumping out that much louder this time around.

 A lot of our performers are returning for this event as well as a few new faces added into the mix. Should make for a full day of great entertainment for everyone. Very stoked that Don Coleman, The Divorcees, Ivan Daigle, Michelle Thibodeau, Shelby Murray, Emile Gauvin and of course, Stephen and the Wonderland Band will all be back to rock out in true form. Also very stoked for the new faces as well...Bored on Sunday, Kunundrum (who I haven't had the chance to hear yet), and also very excited for Pete Melanson's Blues Band as I'm a total blues lover. We also had an email from another one of our favourite bands, I'll hold off on naming names for now til we get the confirmation, but we're hoping they will be able to come to as they were such a pleasure to watch last time around.

I'm thinking we're going to have to call it a night here at the Greenstock camp, busy couple of weeks ahead...til next time, Cheers!

             Wednesday, July 22nd 2009

Let me just start this edition of the daily news by saying...YAHOO!! We are going to have another concert. The staff here at the Greenstock couldn't be more stoked. Hopefully, the problems that plagued the last event will not spill over to this one, but even if they do, we here at Greenstock are prepared. There are all ready quite a few confirmed acts with more coming on board every day. It seems to be a movement now. Everyone seems to want to come and Rock the Stock!! The last concert was absolutely awesome and this one is shaping up to be wicked good as well. We are lucky to have the interest and support of some truly talented performers and some truly wonderful people.

We are also lucky to have the support of a beautiful, neighbourly town like ours. Everyone seems almost more excited about things than we are....almost. We will be updating things and adding bios, pics and info on the event. Gotta run, still lots to do. Hope you come out on August 8th and have a blast with the folks here at Greenstock...One More Time!!

               Saturday, July 11th 2009

Well, I'm sure by now some of you were wondering if all of us here at the Greenstock camp were still alive. Yeah...we haven't been assassinated...yet! Just on sebatical trying to regroup after the RCMP interference with the last event that caused us to suffer a major finacial blow because of lower attendance than there should have been. We've been thinking long and hard about how we are to continue with this venture if we have to endure profit loss due to harrassment every time we host an event like the June 20th concert.
We have spoken to lots of people who were harrassed on their way to the concert, lots more who were told it was cancelled, we've talked to lawyers and reporters. We have collected information from other people who have had problems with RCMP harrassment when trying to host similar events.
We have also been busy working on the site because we still plan to host MANY more events there in the future once we have some assurance that the problems posed by the excessive police presence at the last event will not reoccur in the future.
Our event was a peaceful one and a very good time with a lot of very talented performers rocking out well into the wee morning hours. All of whom we plan to have back for another event as soon as we can.
While we wait to see how events unfold, the new grass is springing up on the hill at the concert site, should be nice and plush by the next event. But as things come along here at the Greenstock site, we are hopeful that all will progress well and that we will be able to host another event soon...til next time..we urge you all to join us in the Republic of Take A Stand...Cheers!!

               Monday, June 22nd 2009

Today was a day of reflection here at the Greenstock camp. We all shared our stories and stories of others from the concert, it was a truly amazing event and one we truly believe in and want to keep going.

We also discussed the problems that arose from the RCMP and their overly aggressive actions against our event. The majority so far feels they went over the line on it and I for one have to agree. They deterred many from attending, putting a major dent in the revenues of not only Greenstock, but any of the other merchants in town that would have benefitted from the influx of people to the area.

Hopefully, we can all come together again and build onto what we have started here because it is a truly beautiful and spiritual site, and one that is perfect to host events like ours. No stress allowed and it seems to disappear there into the music and it is amazing. Hopefully when we can pull our next event together people can come freely without being harassed or turned away. The people who missed out because of those things hopefully won't have to next time.

We saw that we can accomplish what we set out to do and it is amazing....and it will only keep getting better. The amazing people we've been blessed to have worked with and the talented performers who graced our stage....the memories will last forever with hopefully lots more to come, Cheers!

                Sunday, June 21st 2009

After the show ended with a bang from Don Coleman and Loaded Dice around 4 am, most of the staff hung around til noon doing some much needed pack up and clean up at the site. Thenn everyone went home for some much needed sleep, sleep I might add most of us didn't wake up from til Monday, but it was well worth it because Greenstock totally rocked....we did it and it was awesome!

   Saturday, June 20th 2009 - The Big Day!

Today is the big day. The site was a busy place from dawn until at least 4am that's for sure. Despite the rain we had a pretty good turn out. To anyone who missed out, man you missed one hell of a show. Had the opprotunity to meet the performers and they were all an awesome bunch of people who truly love what they do.

The day started with everyone setting up, and the sound crew did an amazing guys are awesome and we can't wait to have you back for another event.  The dedication of all involved shon through the rain at the site. Everyone involved had such a positive attitude and the talent on stage was incredible. From Ivan Daigle to Michelle Thibodeau...a truly talented and sweet young lady. The Grays were great, as were the metal performers...Bury The Anguish and Defiance. (what can I say, I love all genres) I was a little worried about Stephen's performance, as he lost his voice the previous evening, but they rocked it just like they always do!

The headlining acts were everything I expected and more.  Neon Highway is a great band and they have a great time on stage.  They truly rocked the stage and the crowd, a pleasure to watch and listen to. And the Divorcees followed up with an awesome set...they are a great bunch of guys with a lot of talent. Keep your eyes on these two bands as I'm sure they'll go far in the music industry. Done Coleman and Loaded Dice brought it home in true rock it out style. I caught myself dancing and bobbing to the tunes all night as I worked. Never had that much fun working anywhere!

Also have to give a shout out to my man Dwayne who did one hell of a job as MC for the night, with the help of Cheyenne or as we all call her "Spike", they were a lot of fun to listen to up there.

The cook shack staff was the best and I gotta give them a shout out. Curtis, Charles and Jesse kept the barbecues running hard all night.  Mandaa and Sara were total troopers all day and night, two very tired little ladies by the time they got home to bed. Pinky was the man last night, selling the 75/25 tickets and serving as many folks. 

There were a few minor fender benders and we would just like to say if you hit someone you couldn't find or if someone hit you and you can't find them..give us an email or give Stephen a call and we'll try to get you connected with each other.

It was an amazing evening all things considered and big Greenstock thanks to everyone...we did it!! And we look forward to doing it bigger and better next time!!

With all that said I also need to say that I thought we lived in a democratic country until yesterday. I was there when officer Eric LaRose of the RCMP informed Stephen that they would not be harrassing anyone trying to attend our event. Could that have been any more of a false statement? Here are some pics of our tax dollars hard at work folks, pics of one of the two road blocks that blocked a lot of people from attending the event....something we were assured they would not do.  Road blocks that I might add, were there all day and into the night, something I personally have never seen anywhere at any time and I've been everywhere across this great country of ours. They even brought in re-inforcements from the Codiac.  They were searching everyone, fining anyone they could and they even went as far as telling as many folks as they could that the event was cancelled...A TOTALLY FALSE STATEMENT!!!! If any of you fall under this category we would love to hear your story so please give us a shout and let us know. If you agree that Greenstock and our patrons were unfairly harrassed by the boys in blue, get ahold of us. Or let the officer who made the promise know Officer Eric LaRose of the RCMP. Or write to your MLA and let them know that you would like to see your tax dollars go for a more productive purpose!! I know myself that I lived around the Petitcodiac area for 20 years on and off and I have hardly ever even seen an officer in or around town. But for Greenstock they brought out the entire force, plus their ATVs to stop everyone they could all day long....that qualifies as harrassment in my books. If you agree, or have any info that we could use let us know. Join the Republic of Take A Stand and help us from preventing this kind of targeted harrassment from ruining anyone else's efforts to bring economic spin off to the area.


                Friday, June 19th 2009

Today was the final day of preparations here at the Greenstock site. Everyone worked from sun up til at least eleven, with Dwayne, Phil, Gregg and a few others working til 3am or later. Some of us kept going late enough to see the sun rise....the reason the news hasn't been updated is because I left on Friday and didn't get home until Sunday afternoon.

Kevin and the boys were still at it after dark....true dedication to the build, and I'm proud to call them family, that's for sure. And also got to throw a big thanks out there to Daryl Goddard for coming out to blow some hay around for us....saved a lot of people from too much mud on the hills, so we truly appreciate it.

The boys and girls all worked their hardest to have the site ready for everyone. And for all those who attended.....we appreciate that and hope you enjoyed your time at the site as it took a lot of hard work to put it all together.

One day before the show and the moral of the staff just keeps going. We have the best crew in the world! Til tomorrow have a good one all....Cheers!

                Thursday, June 18th 2009 more day til the big day finally arrives here at the Greenstock site. Hard to believe it's almost here, still lots of last minute finishing to do on the site tomorrow though to have it ready for Saturday.

The crews were all ready hard at work by 8 this morning. Lots of camping space got cleared out. The machinery started a decent road into the uncharted Greenstock wilderness...aka....future campsites.

Mike Ritchie was out today too, putting up the poles and the screen for his light show. It was awesome last year so we're glad he came back this year.

Les has got the washrooms almost all together now, they look great. Tomorrow is finishing day...can't wait to see them all done. An outdoor concert in the woods with flushing toilets and water, what more could we ask for?

The cook shack is in it's final stages. The wiring was started today and should be all finished up tomorrow. Tomorrow is finish it  up day, so wish us luck.

Mike got the wishing well half completed, he has extra hands coming out tomorrow as Phillp offered to help with the shingles. Should be a full day of teamwork to have the site ready for everyone.

Also had lots of visitors at the site today, nice to see everyone likes what we're doing here. A lot of hard work has gone into this, so we hope you all have a great time.

It's getting late and we have another early morning and full day's work ahead. The last of us left the site around eleven...totally played out for the day. So we'll be back with more news tomorrow, til then, night all...see you soon!

             Wednesday, June 17th 2009

The countdown to the big day is on...only a little over two days to go. The crew has been pretty pumped the last few's always  good for production when the crew loves their work and believes in what they're doing. There is a real sense of family here at the Greenstock site and it's great.

Lots of work was done today by all on the team, it's awesome to see so many people working together. Kevin's crew put in an overly full day between us and the other work they have...don't know how they do it...true dedication and truly appreciated guys.

The building crew was busy touching up various things around the site. We had a generator go down that slowed the building a bit. The washrooms are looking great, true craftsmanship at work.

Also managed to get a lot of supplies today too. Can't forget all the little things, and there sure are a lot of them these days.

While we're here, might as well remind you all to pack your bug dope as they are out and about this year. Reading the forecast and an umbrella might be a good idea, we're hoping they change their minds again, but there is a chance of light showers. Even with the chance of a nibble or two, or maybe a drop of rain, it should still be one heck of a show with everyone as excited as they are.

Can't help but feel a little of that Greenstock excitement myself after spending the day there. It's a truly amazing place...can't wait for everyone to come and enjoy it with us, night all....Cheers!

                Tuesday, June 16th 2009

Crunch time has begun here at the Greenstock site...only a few more days to go. Things have really come together....and as much as we've all ready said it, we really couldn't have gotten to this point without a lot of awesome people to help us along and for that we are grateful to you all...and hope you all know who you are!

Kevin's crew worked another full day and have the site looking great. The campsites are still being cleared as the guys try to get it all done with enough time to spare for a sound check or two before the big event on Saturday.

The building crews were at it again too. The washrooms are coming along great and the cookshack should be totally completed before Thursday.

We had quite a few visitors at the site today. Shelby dropped in to give the crew some music to listen to and give the stage it's first performance since it was completed.  Now that the site has been properly blessed it should be an amazing show.

As the day closed...we took a walk up to the top of the hill and stared down at the stage in amazement over what everyone has accomplished here. So much done, and still so much left to go. But as I stood there with the woods surrounding us, staring down at the site as everyone will see it on concert day...I couldn't help but notice the beauty of the site and how peaceful it is, it brings a certain calming to your soul.(even after a stressful day of concert preparations)

Time to close up shop here for the night...gotta get back at it first thing in the am, but I'll leave a few photos of the site so maybe you'll see the site as I saw it today....beautiful and peaceful. Til next time night all...Cheers!

              Monday, June 15th 2009

Today was an amazing day of teamwork here at Greenstock. The troops were out in full force with a drive to finish all the preparations before everyone arrives this weekend for the big event.

Kevin and the boys are working hard to get the parking lots finished and everything all cleaned up so the gates can be put up and the finishing touches put on the site.

Mike was a man on a mission in the cookshack today, putting in the shelves and such. The building crew grew throughout the day with Cheyenne, Stan, Lubin, Dwayne, Pinky and Phillip all lending a hand to get the tarps put over the roof of the stage and cookshack.

When I left tonight the " shed session" was in full swing. A great backyard jam session...the perfect end to a great day at the site...til tomorrow....5 days to go....Cheers!

                Sunday, June 14th 2009

Today was another wet and work-filled day for all here at the Greenstock camp. Lots more done every day though as we near closer to the big day, and today was no exception.

Kevin's crew was out working hard again today. They are always giving it their all whenever we go back to take a look at the progress being made. More levelling done to the parking area...more campsite spaces cleared out.

The washroom building is really coming together too. The floor was done yesterday and now the walls have all been framed, some of the external walls boarded in....everyone pushing hard to have everything done with a little time to spare hopefully.

Stephen has been on the bookwork and ordering for the last few days so now most is caught up. Tomorrow more log clearing, and building in store for the crew. While the office staff will be running around making all of the last minute preparations before the week gets away from us. Hard to believe there's only a few more days to go.

Thanks to all who are planning to come, will be a blast I'm sure. Lots of talented people to keep everyone entertained anyhow. We have been receiving lots of visitors, calls and emails and that makes us all feel as though what we're doing here is worthwhile.

So, in a few more days when it's time to head out on the dusty trail to Greenstock...please remember three things...your sunscreen....your bug dope....and to leave your stress at the door...see you soon....Cheers!

               Saturday, June 13th 2009

Well, last night Stephen went in to check out The Divorcees show in Riverview. It was a great time and thanks to all who mentioned means a lot to us to have your interest and support.

And it looks like the day off made most of the crew feel as though today was the day to make up for it with Kevin's crew out working on the parking lot and concert area and Rayburn's mill up and running hard before 8 am....and that's on a Saturday...they are some hard-working boys that's for sure.

Brian, Charles and Mike spent a good chunk of the early afternoon clearing more campsite space as the requests keep coming. Good thing there's plenty of room for everyone.

Also got some more progress made with building too. Mike started on the counters in the cook shack. Big thanks to Les Vey who came out today to start construction of the washroom building.

Today was a get 'r' done day with tomorrow shaping up to be one as well. 7 days left til the big day. We'd like to say special thanks to all who have helped us get to this point....we could not have done it without all rock!

Til tomorrow....good night all from all of us here at Greenstock...Cheers!

                Friday, June 12th 2009

Today was another slow day as the weather put a damper on most of the milling and building efforts today. It was a good day for office work and getting some rest in before the full day ahead tomorrow.

Even in the pouring rain, Kevin kept on working at the water line we just need the building to run it into, but all things in due time I suppose. Things have been coming together at almost break-neck speed over the last week so a couple of slow days is by far not the end of the world, besides had we all been around at the site the last day or two....we would have just been in Kevin's way anyhow.

Tomorrow should be a great day with everyone hard at work. Til then, think we'll close up shop for the night here at the Greenstock site....Cheers!

               Thursday, June 11th 2009

Today gave a break to the building crew while Kevin and the machines dug into tthe task of running the water pipes to carry the water to the washroom facilities. They were hard at it into the evening hours and managed to get quite a bit done.

Brian was out in full force cutting and hauling logs for the mill tomorrow. Had to have them all out for Ray to get to his usual early start tomorrow with the mill. Cutting boards and studs now for the washroom building. Things are really shaping up.

We are getting tickets ready for advance sale too. Hopefully we will have them available by tomorrow. Also got a lot of the cookshack food ordered for the concert too. Lots of goodies for anyone who gets hungry.  Stephen took the day to finish up the paperwork from yesterday and do some ordering.

Aside from that, it was a quiet but productive day for the Greenstock crew. Til tomorrow....Cheers!

             Wednesday, June 10th 2009

Today was a somewhat quiet day on the Greenstock front, though much was still done throughout the day.  Mike and Charles were out most of the afternoon working on the framework for the washrooms.

Stephen spent the day working on the business aspects of the event. Nothing like this comes together without a lot of paperwork, and as boring as it must be done. We also went in to town to take a look at a special surprise or two for the concert.

Went to Toys for Big Boys today to get the bike set up for delivery the day of the concert for the bike draw. Thanks to you guys....we appreciate your help. Always a pleasure dealing with people who love what they do.

Tomorrow should see a bit more accomplished before a busy day at the site on Thursday with more cutting, milling and building slated for the day. The boys will be back to the grind and getting it done. Ten days to go til the big day!  Good night all.....Cheers!  

                Tuesday, June 9th 2009

Today, the drive and determination of the crews to get things together is still going strong. If nothing else....we sure have one dedicated bunch working here and every day amazing progress is being made as we near closer to the big day.

The concert area is looking better by the day. Brian got some extra standing/sitting room cleared out at the site. The building crew spent the day building framework for the washroom building. The design was worked out today and the washrooms will be equipped  with toilets, sinks and running water. We will also have a wheel-chair accessible washroom as well.

Kevin's boys were in true form today as they put in a full day of levelling on the road to the concert site and a few other areas that still need pre-event attention.

We also wanted to mention that on your way to the concert you may be greeted outside by the RCMP. Look at it this way folks, Wal-Mart has their door greeters and we have ours...they are just doing their job and assured us they would not be searching or harrassing anyone, so treat them courteously please and give them a smile or a wave on your way into the site.

Things seem to be moving at the speed of light around here lately and are coming together more quickly than we could ever have hoped for thanks to the support of all the wonderful people involved. Should be an amazing time for all and a truly memorable event.

Lots to do tomorrow and every day til we see you all at the Greenstock site only eleven days from now. Until then, the sun sets for another day here at the Greenstock site....Cheers!

                Monday, June 8th 2009

Today was a somewhat slow day on the Greenstock build. After putting in a full weekend of building, most of the crew took the idle Monday to enjoy a well-deserved day off. But with the crew's "never say die" attitude in full effect, some things still managed to get done.

Heard that although one of the machines had another job to go to today, Kolby was out there continuing Kevin's one-man parking lot mission from yesterday.Nothing like a little family teamwork to keep everything running smoothly.

Even the buildings got a little attention before Steve got in another round of "shed session" practice with the Wonderland band. The cookshack got the last little section of the outside walls finished and the boards on the stage roof were trimmed, and all is looking great so far.

Tomorrow, things should be back into full swing after everyone recovers from all the hammer-swinging of the weekend build-a-thon. Construction of the washroom building is slated to begin....a mission unto itself....but well worth it. Planning to house 4 washroom stalls for men and 4 for the women, it should be quite the build. Everything is taking shape nicely. The crew, their energy and drive only seem to continue to grow the closer we get to concert day. Positive energy abounds on the Greenstock build.

Another day closer.....and a few more to go. Til next time...take it easy, Cheers!

                 Sunday, June 7th 2009

Today was another great day at the site. Although it was Sunday, the pure dedication of the Greenstock Stonecutters Union prevailed as we had Brian all ready out in the woods  and Kevin was out in full force on the parking lot before the building crew arrived shortly after 10 am.

As the day progressed, so did the number in the crew...Charles, Mike, Pinky, Curtis and Dwayne all lent a hand in building the roof on the cookshack and it is now almost finished. A few counters and some other odds and ends and it will be ready to rock!

Got a bit more of the concert area cut out, and things are really starting to take shape at the site, can almost see the people rocking out now.  Kevin was a man on a parking lot mission...working into the dusk.

Tomorrow should see the stage roof trimmed up and the cook shack probably completed at the rate these boys have been moving. Hopefully another productive day for the Greenstock team and all our wonderful partners.

And as Kevin parks the excavators in his trademark Murray M, the sun sets for another day on the Greenstock build, night all...Cheers!

               Saturday, June 6th 2009

Today was another day of great friends and great accomplishment here at Greenstock. By 8 am the crews had arrived and were hard at work. Kevin Murray's boys and machines put in a full day of levelling around the parking area of the site.

The other half of the work today was done at the stage and cookshack. The cookshack now has boarded walls, and although it didn't get finished today, a lot of the work is done. The stage now has a roof! All that is left to be done is smooth out the edges and the stage is pretty much finished....minus a few pre-show touch-ups. Preparations are in full swing, it should be one heck of a show....and only two short weeks away.

We had a few visitors out to scope out the site today. The crew worked hard today and much thanks to Kevin, Kolby, Mark, Brian, Dwayne and all the Mikes (3 on site today)...couldn't have gotten this far today without everyone's hard work and can do all rock!


We also got confirmation today that Dwayne Rice will be our MC for the June 20th event...should be lots of fun. And as the sun sets on another day here at the Greenstock build, we are proud of today's accomplishments and look forward to getting more done tomorrow...til next time take it easy...Cheers!                                                        

                  Friday, June 5th 2009

Today was a day of accomplishment at Greenstock. More logs came out and went through the mill, the boys are working hard to get it done. The newly finished boards being put to good use....boarding up the cookshack. At least half-way built and painted by now.

The boys were out to find the ideal spot to mount a screen for the light show. The last one was very well received so he's back in for another show. Such an incredible mix of people and talent coming together is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

The heavy machinery arrived today to start tackling the job of levelling the parking area and campsites, etc. Couldn't ask for better people and businesses to do all of this with. It's the small-town, close knit attitude, and the pure love of music that has brought a lot of different people together to accomplish a common goal....the good tunes and good times that will become a reality for all in only a few short weeks at Greenstock.

Hopefully tomorrow will see the cookshack completed as well as the roof on the stage done too. Day by day, it's coming together for all to enjoy....Cheers!

                Thursday, June 4th 2009

Monday saw Stephen meet with the Red Cross about their presence at the concert for any medical concerns or emergencies that may arise at the concert. 

Today, some more logs were cut and hauled to the mill. The mill was buzzing...lots of boards and studs flying through to finish the construction of the stage, cookshack and other buildings on the Greenstock Concert Site. We also managed to get some painting done and a little bit of framing on the Cook Shack....definitely coming together. 

We had a visit from the RCMP. They had some public safety concerns outside of the concert area. Stephen gave the member a tour of the concert site but declined the officer's requests to take photos of the site and have members patrol the area during the event. Stephen let the member know that would conflict with the "NO STRESS ALLOWED" policy of our event and that we would contact them if we found their presence was necessary. The officer did let us know that they will be patrolling the public area outside the concert area and will be parked outside of the concert area though he assured Stephen that they will not be searching vehichles or harrassing concert-goers, so should anyone have a problem let Stephen know at Greenstock. We will have our own camera at the entrance to ensure everyone is treated fairly. All in a day's work here at Greenstock....Cheers!