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This is the page where you can check out some of the things we will be adding to the site and a little about what they are.

September 2012 - something we're working on for our non-concert days

Here at Greenstock, we love music and we love nature. As much as we'd like to have a concert every day the summer would's just not realistic, so we've been kicking around ideas of other things to do at the site on days when there are no concerts. This one is one of our personal faves, so we're seriously working on putting it together. We are planning pre-booked wagon rides for groups of 10-20 through the 200+ acre Greenstock site. A stress-free, day long tour of the beautiful wilderness.


We are planning to end the day at the concert stage with a jam session and steak barbeque....yum!


 With campsites provided in the package and a view like this, it's the perfect, stress free, back to nature getaway that everyone needs in today's fast paced world.

 If this idea sparks your curiosity, or sounds like something you may be interested in, send us an email through our contact us page or give Stephen a call and let him know. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated, after all....what we do is all about making people a little happier and stress free. We'll post more in the way of details such as price and group number info as so as our plans progress a little further, so keep watch for updated info here.