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Concert Site Questions

  1. Where Is The Greenstock Concert Site?

    The Greenstock Concert Site is located in Petitcodiac, NB. It is just off the Tran Canada Highway. The site is 2.2 km down the Ranch Road, surrounded by nature. There are directions located on our Location page here on the site.

  2. What Am I Allowed To Bring With Me To The Concerts?

    We want all of our visitors to have a comfortable, enjoyable concert experience. We allow you to bring whatever you wish including your own food and drink, however we do ask that you not bring anything in glass containers. You may bring your own lawn chairs, etc. as well.

  3. What Facilities Does The Site Have?

    We are constantly working on upgrading and bettering our site for our valued customers and performers alike. We have on site camping available for all events. We also have free on site drinking water. We have canteen service available, and plumbed washrooms on site. We also have qualified first aid personnel on hand at all our events.

  4. Is The Site Wheelchair Accessible?

    Currently, the entire site is accessible except for the washrooms. We are hoping to have them ready to use by all before June 2010. It's high on our list of pre-season maintenance.

  5. Am I Allowed To Bring Alcohol With Me?

    Yes, your own food and drink does include your own alcohol. We do NOT sell alcohol on site. There is a liquor store nearby and we will have sober drivers on site for anyone who runs short. We DO however, greatly discourage drinking and's just not worth the risk, that's why we have on site camping. If all else fails, please, sleep in your vehichle....nobody will bother you, we promise!

  6. How Big Are Your Campsites?

    Our campsites are 20 ft by 30 ft. We also have sites available for travel trailers as well, but we ask that you send us an email in advance to let us know if you are bringing a trailer to ensure there is room for you.

  7. How Much Do Campsites Cost?

    Tent sites are $10 and trailer sites are $20. Campsites are payable at the gate upon arrival.

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Questions About Greenstock

  1. What Is Greenstock?

    Greenstock Entertainment, was the brainchild of owner, Stephen Murray. He has always had an enormous love for both nature and music....Greenstock is the perfect combination of the two...with only one rule....No Stress Allowed. It's simple really. Just come out to the woods, find a comfy spot on the hill, and listen to some amazing tunes all day long. We had 3 concerts in 2009, and have at least four planned for the 2010 season. If you believe in enjoying a full day of music in a peaceful, stress free, naturally beautiful environment all for a decent price and without the big city hassles....then Greenstock concerts are the place for you...see you there!

  2. When Are The Greenstock Events?

    All of our event dates and times are listed here on our site. If you are ever interested in finding out about something that you may have heard about that isn't posted on the site, feel free to send us an email or give us a call...we love hearing from everyone.

  3. How Do Bands Book A Gig At Greenstock?

    So far, all that is needed to perform at Greenstock is to let us know by phone or email that you are interested in playing a show. We watch, listen to and research you and your material. Then, if all goes well, we fit you into the schedule and you're in! Keepin it simple.

  4. What Kinds Of Bands Play At The Greenstock Concerts?

    We have been very fortunate in having many talented folks come out to perform on our stage. We try to offer a little bit of everything for everyone. We have bands that do everything from country, to rock and everything in between. Basically anyone with talent who wants to put on a hell of a show is welcome on our stage, it's all about the music. We also offer at least one slot per concert to up and coming acts to help them promote their music along side of more accomplished musicians.

  5. Where Do I Get Tickets?

    Tickets are available only at the gate at this time. Eventually, we will have them at local retailers for pre-concert sale as well.

  6. How Much Do Tickets Cost?

    A Greenstock ticket is $20. The gates open at 12pm, the music starts at 1pm and rocks the stage until 3am. I've spent more on a bad time!

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